Your time is worth a lot of money.

Virtual Assistants for busy People

You have plenty of projects and tasks to complete but 24h is just not enough. 

Let Hippoassist take care of it!

Delegate time consuming tasks to your Virtual Assistant. Spend your free time with your family or focusing on your business. 

Tell us about your needs & projects

We assign you a Virtual Assistant

Keep in touch with your Assistant

Increase productivity, save time

Why work with a Virtual Assistant

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Why hire a full time employee when what you really need is a Specialist to help you with just a few tasks per month? Or, perhaps you have a one-off project you need help with?


Focus on developing your business or get some time off for yourself. STOP doing time consuming tasks.


You choose when to pause or stop collaboration with your Hippo Assistant, hours rollover for 60 days.


Hippoassist is ready and waiting. Whenever you need assistance, call on us for support with admin, social media, HR, or even a bespoke project.

Why work with Hippoassist?

  • We only contract projects we can bring value to
  • Money back guarantee
  • Our Virtual Assistants have Bachelor's Degrees and are proficient in English
  • Time tracking and monitoring


Never miss a meeting again, do that research on the competition and start sourcing some new products for your business. What will you do with your extra time?

How to get started

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Book a FREE consultation to discuss your current business needs. Don’t worry, we have a money back policy, plus we only accept your project if we feel we can bring value to it.

  • E-meet your Virtual Assistant and decide how you will work together;
  • Communicate with them by phone, email or Skype;
  • Send them your projects and tasks;
  • Enjoy your free time whilst being more productive.
Virtual Assistant working at his desk
Tools to organize schedule

Keep in touch

Your Assistant keeps you updated on the status of your projects and keeps everything organized. Just the way you want it to be!

Be in charge of your own life & business

Take more time for yourself, for your family or for your business. You know best where you need to focus your energy.

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Imagine All Your Daily Tasks
being solved by Professionals

get started

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